Life Just Keeps Coming At Me

My boyfriend finally saw a doctor yesterday. Yep, he broke his hand on New Year’s Eve….

The landlord finally came by for the rent today. I about fell out when he handed me the electric bill for $325. Even he admitted that the old heating unit is too small for this trailer (the previous owner built on an addition). I about lost it and yelled at him, “Well do something about it, dammit!” His response was something like, “Well, I can’t afford to do anything about it.” The first winter we were here, we had one electric bill in the winter that was $525! That’s $125 more than our rent! It’s pretty bad that our electric bill is that high and it still stays so cold in here in the winter. It doesn’t help that the neighbor’s pets keep getting up underneath the trailer, ripping down the insulation and shredding the duct work. This trailer is so old that the walls are rotting. The landlord’s solution to fixing the roof leaks was to nail multi-colored  sheets of metal to the roof. It stopped leaking, but he never “got around” to repairing the inside ceiling. It’s looked like this since November 2011:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful to have a roof over my head. Many times in my adult life I have not. I just wish this landlord would take responsibility for his piece of property. Unfortunately, moving isn’t exactly an option because well, it costs a lot of money to move! And we’re struggling to get by as it is. We’ve been stuck here for the last 3 and a half years. It was only supposed to be a temporary housing solution. I’m afraid if we report the deplorable conditions to the housing authority then this trailer will be condemned (as, honestly, it should be). Then, we would be on the streets with nowhere to go. And this is an example of how my anxiety plays out in my mind.

I’m so glad my boyfriend put plastic on all the windows today. I hope that helps reduce the bill. Now, I believe I’m hearing sleet falling with the heavy rain. It’s supposed to turn to snow around 9:00 pm. Can’t do anything about the weather, so why worry about it, right? I’ll sit and enjoy the pitter-patter on the metal roof. That’s a sound I’ve always loved. Nice and relaxing….


6 thoughts on “Life Just Keeps Coming At Me

    • Yes, I agree! The pitter-patter quietened shortly after I hit “post.” Barely a half hour later, and the ground is covered, white in snow. I may have to go stand outside for a few and catch snowflakes on my tongue. ;P

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