Pesky Little Ants

I feel like I have ants crawling all over me… probably because I’ve had ants crawling all over me today! One had me going cross-eyed because it was crawling around on my glasses. It never fails. Whenever we have heavy rain, they come inside in hordes. Maybe they’re just mad because I’ve started squishing them; but good grief, it’s the middle of winter. The ants should not be this bad! And they bite, too!

Oh… and the kitchen ceiling is leaking again. <Sigh>


5 thoughts on “Pesky Little Ants

    • I kept a running tally of how many I squished over a 3 day period – 295! I lost count after that. I’m normally not one to kill insects, but something’s got to give with these guys. Thanks for the comment, catalina! 🙂

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