The End of Silence

Kitchen WallWith the warmer weather comes the end of peaceful silence. Another problem with the place where we currently live in addition to the ants and structural problems (to the left is a photo of our kitchen wall, underneath the air conditioning unit) that I’ve mentioned before is that we share this piece of property with a second trailer that is full to the brim with people and animals. It’s a smaller 2 bedroom trailer, in worse shape than ours (if that’s even possible); but our mutual landlord will do nothing to repair that one, either. Up until last summer, I was at least friendly to the people who live there; but they tried my patience to the extreme with their bizarre behaviors until finally, I just had to start ignoring them completely, or at least, as best I can.

Three adults regularly inhabit that trailer. However, it’s unclear whether or not the other two adults and three children also live there. They’re constantly over there, though. Every. Single. Day. The children get off the school bus here daily. And as soon as they do, the yelling, screaming, and destructiveness begins. In addition to these three children, three others from down the road regularly spend their evenings hanging out in our yard. Some of the more disturbing antics of these children include purposefully startling me by pressing their faces up to the window, peering in at me (which has resulted in my not being able to open the curtains for sunlight during daylight hours), or drawing graffiti all over the house and fences, or bouncing a ball off the sides and roof of our trailer.

The worst – by far – was the day I came home from the grocery store and caught the children throwing gasoline into a bonfire that one of the adults had started and left unsupervised. Yes, I called DCS over that one. No, nothing ever came of it as far as I know. The awful, horrible things I’ve heard said to these children, including contemptible name calling that would make a grown man blush, makes me very sad for them. I’m thankful that I never endured emotional abuse such as this; but at the same time, it reminds me that shame takes many forms.

Within the last month, they’ve constructed this shanty type shack in our mutual yard that looks completely ghastly. And the trash and junk piled up out there embarrasses me to no end. Yesterday, I walked around our trailer and picked up a full bag of garbage just within a 20 foot parameter and out of the driveway. In order to protect our vehicles’ tires, we regularly have to walk the driveway to clear it of potentially hazardous debris.

Neighborhood Shanty

Honestly, when it comes to our neighbors, I have witnessed the absurd, the insane, and the completely baffling. Oh, the stories I could tell! They would certainly put the Clampetts to shame. I didn’t particularly care for the TV show as a kid. And I certainly didn’t want to live it!

And it’s for all these reasons, I don’t have the luxury of spending time outside in my own yard.


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