NO Trespassing

When I spoke of my neighbors in the post, The End of Silence, a few weeks ago, I had no idea how quickly things on my street would turn to chaos. I am not the only person in our area who is complaining about the privacy issues, bizarre behavior, and downright trashiness of this piece of property. KR and I have long-since realized that we have very little, if no, control over what goes on here due to the lack of responsibility shown by the people with whom we share the property. Last summer, I was told by the sheriff’s department not to clean up their messes, not to interact with them at all. And I don’t, if I can keep from it; but because they are always out in the yard, it’s increasingly difficult to have no interaction with them at all. They also told me that unless our mutual landlord made a complaint, there was very little they could do (in reference to the graffiti).

These last 4 weeks have been trying, at best. Twice already this month alone, the sheriff’s department has been out here to handle complaints made by a kind, older couple who live next door to us. He came over this afternoon prior to KR leaving for work to explain to us what has been going on and that all the new “No Trespassing” signs he has placed around his yard have nothing to do with the two of us, but the aggravation he and his wife are experiencing due to all the children in the neighborhood. Apparently, these kids shot the windshield of one of his vehicles (and, also, his workshop) with a BB gun! Thankfully, the deputy who was here this time confiscated the BB gun and filed a report on behalf of this neighbor. I’m not sure if it was an idle threat or simply a scare tactic, but he also told the children that they could be taken to juvenile detention for such acts.

I have to wonder how many times this threat will be made before it’s actually carried out, if ever. For the last three years, the sheriff’s department has regularly threatened fines to these neighbors over their dogs who are constantly allowed to roam the neighborhood; yet to my knowledge, they’ve never been fined. Believe me. We would hear about it… whether we wanted to or not.

The weekend before last, I heard one of the neighbors in front of us, from the townhouses, yelling at these kids. She was saying something like, “I’ve asked you people time and time again to stay out of this yard!” She yelled at them for a good long while, exasperated and from the sounds of it, completely overwhelmed, much like I was last summer by them. Even the neighbors across the road from us have put up a “No Trespassing” sign at their driveway.

So, it’s not just me!

It amazes me how one family – one household of people – can cause so many problems and added stress for an entire neighborhood. This “family” has NO respect for privacy or property. They refuse to take responsibility for their children, their pets, their behavior, or their messes. For three years I have watched helplessly as things have gotten worse and worse here. For three years I’ve witnessed the countless times the sheriff’s department has been called out here to handle disputes due to this one family. The saddest part is that for three years I have watched as the behavior of these children began to match the behavior of the adults. It’s like some messed up psychological/social experiment gone awry.


It really is.


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