The Roof Is On Fire

A quick update since I haven’t written over here in a couple of weeks. Nothing has really changed; but I’ve, at least, been mostly distracting myself from life’s struggles through the usual cleaning house, music, art, and a few nature hikes. For the most part, that was working until last night. Now, I find myself on “high alert” again.

IMG_9166 IR


Apparently, “the meth house” on my street blew up last night. This happened once before, same house, back in 2012 when the guy who lives there was cooking meth in a camper that blew up. He’s been busted multiple times for meth from what the neighbors around here have told me; yet for some reason, he never stays in jail long.

I didn’t even hear the explosion this time. A friend of ours from a few streets over stopped by a little after 10pm to check on me. She said that she and her husband heard the explosion all the way over there. How did I miss that?! I must have had my music much louder than I thought or either I was just lost in what I was drawing.

By the time I heard the sirens and looked outside around 9:30 pm, the flames from the house were as high as the trees. Our friend told me two people were arrested; and they were searching for others who may or may not have been killed in the explosion. She was told that these people were cooking meth in a tent behind the house. Although I’m a little confused as to how that would catch the house on fire?

I don’t know the details. I don’t even want to know. I want nothing to do with any of it! The “Clampetts” from next door had their lawn chairs out next to the road, sitting there like they were watching a freakin’ movie. I didn’t step foot outside my door until our friend showed up; and then, I didn’t even leave the porch.

Shortly after KR got home from work, the firemen finished and all was quiet for a little while. Around 2am we heard sirens again. Sure enough, I looked out the kitchen window to see flames shooting above the tops of the trees again.

The firemen decided to let it burn to the ground this time. They simply controlled the flames to prevent any other property from being damaged. It burned all night as we heard loud pops every once in a while followed by barking dogs.

It smoldered all day today with a low-lying fog of smoke creeping throughout the neighborhood for miles. Honestly, I’m relieved that the firemen allowed it to burn down. Other neighbors expressed their relief, as well. Maybe, that will prevent the owner of this house from coming back to it to carry on his addiction.

Is it bad that the whole time it was burning, I couldn’t get this song out of my head? Bloodhound gang- The roof is on fire (HQ sound) Note: If you’re offended by explicit lyrics, don’t listen to it.

Dumbasses cooking meth terrify me. This area has a very bad meth problem. My anxiety is through the roof. Any little sound sends me to the window to look out. Hyper-alert, right now. Yet, at the same time, I feel kind of numb. That same “unreal” feeling that I get when things feel too overwhelming. I fear I may not survive this neighborhood.

I also can’t help but wonder if, maybe, this (meth fumes, smoke fumes, stress – whatever) is why I’ve had such a bad headache for the past couple of days. It’s relentless. I’ve actually been getting pretty bad headaches, sometimes with nausea, for a couple of weeks, which really is not normal for me. I thought it was just stress or hormones; but now, I wonder.

I know absolutely nothing about meth, except that it’s very bad and very dangerous. I have serious concerns about any lingering fumes and even the water supply. I’ve had this insane paranoia about the water here for so long that I can’t determine if it’s irrational or not.

So, yeah, welcome to my insane neighborhood. Run away… as fast you can!

And I just heard another explosion as I was finishing up proofreading. What the HELL?


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