Change Is A Good Thing

First, a quick update about my absence for the last month and a half. An opportunity arose for KR and me to move to the community where he works. Given all of the problems we were having with the trailer where we previously lived (the decrepit condition of that “shack” of a home, the neighbors from hell, and the slumlord who owned the property), we ran — as fast as we could, away from the place we called home for the last 4 years. It took every penny we had to move, but running away from home never felt so good. We still owe our previous landlord money, which neither of us are in any hurry to provide; but at least, we got out of a very bad situation.

The place we moved to is much, much nicer. It’s still a mobile home/trailer; but it’s a much newer model, a 1995 model versus the 1972 model where we were living. This one had been vacant since November 2012; so it needed a lot of TLC to make it livable. There are still a few repairs that need to be completed even now; but as it sat that first day we looked at it, this trailer was a mansion compared to the previous one, especially considering the location and natural beauty of the rural, farm-land setting. It’s peaceful, and oh-so beautiful out here.

Two other trailers are on this piece of property, as well — one sits vacant and the other is rented by a young couple with 4 small children. KR works with the father which is how we found out about this place. In many ways, I feel a sense of déjà vu comparing where we live now to where we were; but I’m trying very hard to overlook any similarities and remain positive about this experience. It was a much-needed move. I’m so thankful we found it. KR and I, both, are much more relaxed here; but I still feel like I’m reeling from the stress of the move, even a month later. What can I say? Things like this affect me deeply, and I’m slow to recover.

Due to its rural setting, we immediately had issues getting internet service out to our house even though the national broadband map showed that service was already established out here. Finally, after a month-long wait, our internet was installed yesterday. I’m thankful for that because I was beginning to feel a little cut-off from the outside world, like I was living in some alternate universe without technology. Exploring everything I missed over the last month and a half, it didn’t take long to feel overwhelmed: 2.5 hours just to update everything on my computer; close to 700 emails to sort through (many were bulk-deleted)….

And why the hell are the Republicans suing the President? What else did I miss?! I feel so lost….

I’m still trying to figure out my “routine” here at the new place. I’m spending so much time outdoors that I’ve actually got a half-way-decent tan going on my arms and legs. And it’s not just because KR and I have resolved to only smoking cigarettes outdoors in an attempt to cut down and eventually quit smoking. I actually like being outdoors here. My “space” has grown where I feel comfortable exploring; but leaving that safe-zone that I call home is still a great challenge for me, as is socializing with the neighbors. Just because I keep telling myself that past experiences shouldn’t dictate current events doesn’t mean I always believe it. Some days (weeks) are simply harder than others.

There’s more I need to get off my chest; but for now, I need to run and do my household chores that I’ve put off doing all day. The one thing I can honestly say about the internet is that it is most certainly a time waster. For me, though, blogging is not a waste of time. It’s a way to collect my thoughts, process emotions, and meet interesting people who I would normally never get to meet. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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