Current Events

KR was home from work for the past two weeks recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. It took well over a year of him complaining about the numbness in his fingers and hand while hurry up and waiting/jumping through hoops for him to finally get the surgery. I blame no one but the failing healthcare system here in the U.S. and greedy insurance companies playing Russian roulette with people’s lives. NO, I don’t blame Obama or the Affordable Healthcare Act. At least, that is an attempt to do something to improve the situation. This healthcare crisis – I almost typed circus – is the result of greed, plain and simple.

Once the surgery was approved, however, it happened rather quickly, without much notice. Thankfully, KR has medical insurance through work and all went well with the surgery. Since his carpal tunnel was classified as a “work aggravated” injury, everything was covered. KR returned to work yesterday and found out that he would only receive a percentage of his pay for one of the weeks he was out. When he actually gets this interim pay is anybody’s guess. This has me incredibly worried as we’re down to $50 in the bank account. Rent is paid. The electric bill is paid; but the water, internet, cell phone, and auto insurance bills will have to wait.

Speaking of the water bill… I find it completely absurd that water where we live now is almost twice as expensive as it was at the previous place. We moved one county over! Can someone please explain to me how two different counties in the same state can charge two drastically different rates for water from the same water source? I compared water usage for the two addresses which are pretty close, so it’s not that we’re using more water here. Even with the old neighbors stealing water from our outdoor spigot at the old place, our water bill rarely went over $15 – $24 per month. The one time that our water bill was $42 at the old place said thieves filled a swimming pool from our spigot and coincidentally the hot water heater began leaking at the same time putting our water usage that month at over 7000 gallons (in 2011)! The bill here, on the other hand, is $45 for half that many gallons of water!

I suppose it could be possible that water rates everywhere will rise now that so many people are blatantly wasting water for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge/social meme. I’m only partially being sarcastic here. If you don’t consider a bucket of ice water a waste, read about the island of Colonsay. All those buckets of water do add up. I think it’s great that so many people are donating to a good cause – $94.3 million, last I checked. I’m not knocking that at all. Please, continue. I’m simply stating the obvious – you’re WASTING WATER! Why not donate that gallon of water to countries that need clean drinking water while donating monetarily to ALS research?

Even though I avoid the news like the plague, online it’s almost impossible to not get a glimpse of what’s going on in the world. So much hate. So much conflict.

Ferguson, Missouri… wow.

Who knows, maybe the whole ice bucket challenge is the Universe’s way of telling us all to just “chill out” already. Fine. Have your fun. My guess is that even those people who bounce back quickly, easily from the insanity of life are feeling pretty wary these days. It’s no wonder that those of us who are more sensitive to fluctuations in the collective consciousness are feeling immobilized from overwhelm.

This makes me think of Robin Williams’ suicide.

Ever since Robin Williams’ death, I’ve struggled to process the loss of a fantastic comedian and actor, a fellow sensitive; someone I admired greatly for the person he was as well as his accomplishments. The insensitivity in people’s comments and the constant media coverage complete with graphic detail was overwhelming to say the least. His death shocked me. In hindsight, I suppose it shouldn’t have because this reminded me that we all wear masks to hide our pain. He brought so much joy to his fans, yet ironically died in a way that suggests deep depression.

I don’t claim to know what was going through Robin Williams’ mind at the time of his suicide. No one can know that. We all exist and die alone in our thoughts, never fully capable of capturing and expressing these thoughts through words, art, music, etc. What we capture and communicate are mere fragments. However, I can imagine, relate, and understand the result of his thoughts and actions because I’ve been there so many times in my life. Suicide is not a decision taken lightly, and it most certainly is not a cowardly act. It takes a great amount of courage to face one’s own mortality and choose to end it.

I admire his courage, and I respect his choice. I mourn the loss, but I celebrate his release. Our entertainers, the stars who shine so brightly in the spotlight, who send out a shockwave upon their death like a supernova, remind us that death is only the end of a performance. Maybe, we change costumes and give it another go.


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