High Anxiety in TN

The weather here in Tennessee for the past week has been extremely cold, snowy, and icy. The state of emergency was raised to Level II as the temperature rose yesterday causing flooding and a spike in power outages — 50,459 without power as of yesterday afternoon. See: 21 Deaths Confirmed Due To Weather, State Of Emergency At Level II

Last week began with an ice storm, followed by an inch to an inch and a half of snow. KR was out of work for 2 days. When he got home from work Thursday night, he said his truck had overheated on the way home. It was spraying antifreeze everywhere under the hood. He just replaced that radiator a few months ago; but the frigid temperature was simply too much for his truck to handle. Now, we’re down to one vehicle until the weather breaks enough for him to be able to figure out what’s going on with it.

While the snow and ice have pretty much melted in my area as of now, East Tennessee, where my mom lives, is still under a blanket of snow and slush. I called Mom yesterday to check on her. She sounded in good spirits; but I was concerned to learn that she missed dialysis on Tuesday and yesterday! Apparently, they sent an emergency vehicle to take her to dialysis on Thursday. I was also extremely concerned to hear that she’s losing weight so quickly. She said her weight has dropped from 220 lbs down to 139 lbs since she began dialysis. That’s A LOT!

I haven’t much time to write at the moment, as I really need to run to the grocery store since I’ll be without my car all week. Hopefully, this was enough to clear my head a bit before heading out.


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