Welcome to Earth

Man, people are super sensitive these days. It’s like the world is losing its mind. At least, it seems that way on social media lately. Everything is something to argue over whether it’s politics, social injustices, religious differences, cultural differences, human rights, or whatever else you can think of.

So much hate.

That bothers me. I know I shouldn’t let it. Being overly sensitive myself (from birth, not just some strange cosmic alignment or whatever the frick is going on right now), it’s like feeling all of that hate even if I remove myself from online activities… or from social interaction in the “real” world… or however else I attempt to isolate myself and avoid what I can only describe as a psychic attack from the collective consciousness as more than 7 billion alternate realities collide.

Humans are intense creatures. This statement makes me think of Jem’s song, Down To Earth:


Depression is kicking my ass. I’ll admit it. The cycles have become a little more predictable. The constant, lower grade depression seems to spike into more aggressive depressive symptoms throughout the year, following trigger dates. This is true for anxiety symptoms as well. My startle reflex is a bit exaggerated right now. My neighbor’s 7-year-old has startled me several times this past week, popping up out of nowhere.

Walking down the hallway several days ago, I literally jumped after glancing into the spare room and seeing what my mind registered as a human shaped shadow. It was the mop propped up in front of the street-lit window of the darkened room. I had to laugh at myself over that one. Same thing happened today, except with an umbrella drying in the bathtub!

I’m also struggling with a strong sense of déjà vu. I see no point in going into detail because it’s seriously not even worth my freakin’ time to do so. I’ve complained enough. The resulting frustration bypassed angry and mad altogether bordering on a rage that made me want to throw my hands up in the air and quit! Obviously, I’m a bit irritable, too.

Just breathe…

And hold out for the good times, right?

An interesting link, though:

We Feel is a project that explores whether social media – specifically Twitter – can provide an accurate, real-time signal of the world’s emotional state.


One thought on “Welcome to Earth

  1. check out Empath Evolution..
    you will find ALOT of answers in the info. so much makes more sense to me now.. please trust me when I say it is SO worth your time! 😉

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