Strangers and Thieves

Tonight was kind of weird — okay, very weird. Around 7:30 pm, someone knocked on my door. It was the man I wrote about back in December 2014 who was asking about the still vacant trailer on this property. KR said he has talked to him once before as well, not to mention I’ve spoken with him on at least one other occasion since then as well. He continuously uses the excuse that he is interested in renting that trailer each time he comes back here. It’s a dead-end, graveled road. We don’t get much traffic, so it’s unusual to see strangers.

Today, he used the excuse that he ran out of gas. His vehicle was parked at the beginning of the graveled drive close to the main road. He walked down to see if we had some gas to get him on his way. I told him he could use a couple of gallons from the gas can we keep for mowing the yard. I walked with him out to the shed where we keep the mowers and gas which is closest to the vacant trailer. To my surprise, both gas cans as well as our weed eater weren’t there.

Quickly, I called KR to be sure he hadn’t moved them. He, of course, hadn’t; but I wanted to be sure. The only conclusion we could come to is that they were stolen. Not even 2 weeks ago, his air compressor was stolen out of the shed. Granted, that shed isn’t secure; and there’s really no way to secure it. Yet, it’s the only place we have to store outdoor equipment like that.

I apologized to the man about the gas. Instead, I allowed him to use my phone to call for help. Afterwards, I called the police out here to file a report. I don’t expect anything to come of it, but this is getting ridiculous. Thieves are the worst sort of coward. I have nothing but contempt for them.

Between the oddity that is this strange man who keeps showing up and having to call the police to report stolen property, I feel triggered and seriously paranoid! I’m fighting panic and considering the fact that KR and I may need to invest in a home security system just for peace of mind. I really don’t feel equipped to handle crap like this.


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